Hanging kitchen towel II

Hanging kitchen towel by neurasthenia_
Hanging kitchen towel, a photo by neurasthenia_ on Flickr.
Did up a second hanging kitchen towel at the request of my aunt.

This is a free knitting pattern for the hanging kitchen towel "Hanging with Hestia" and is available for download here.


Knitting update; shawls, shawls, shawls.

Vesna #3
Vesna Crescent Shawlette #3

Finished a third Vesna, this one for my aunt.  Yarn is KnitPicks Gloss Fingering in Kadai.

Haruni Shawl
Haruni Shawl
My grandmother also requested a larger shawl, so I decided on the Haruni (free pattern: here.)  This was done with KnitPicks Gloss Lace in Lilac.

This was actually my first lace weight knitting project.  I've had the Haruni in my sights for over a year but was too intimidated to try it (very fine yarn, large project, thought it would take forever.)  But once I started it, I was a finished within 10 days.  Yay for no longer being intimidated by lace weight  knitting!

Haruni Shawl
Haruni Shawl

Still plugging along on my blue noon throw and I believe I've almost got a colour scheme nailed down for my fitted jacket.